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  • 草陰忍 (Kusakage Shinobu) is a Japanese author known for their literary works.

  • One of their notable books is '巡る想い ~忘れな草~' (Meguru Omoi ~Wasurenagusa~), published by 文芸社 (Bungeisha) in 2018.

  • The book has an ISBN of 4286199681 and spans 228 pages.

  • The story revolves around themes of teaching, renewal, and the struggles of various individuals, including those dealing with dementia.

  • The book is available for purchase on various platforms, including Amazon and Kinokuniya.

Author Background [1]

  • Name: 草陰忍 (Kusakage Shinobu)

  • Profession: Japanese author

  • Notable for: Writing literary works that explore deep and meaningful themes.

Book Details

  • Title: 巡る想い ~忘れな草~ (Meguru Omoi ~Wasurenagusa~)

  • Publisher: 文芸社 (Bungeisha)

  • Publication Year: 2018

  • ISBN: 4286199681

  • Length: 228 pages



  • Teaching: The protagonist, Shinobuu Mizuzawa, is a teacher.

  • Renewal: Makoto Tazeki takes on a new job and becomes a cram school chief.

  • Struggles: The book explores the challenges faced by individuals, including those dealing with dementia.


  • Amazon Japan: Available for purchase.

  • Kinokuniya Taiwan: Available for purchase.

  • Price: NT$473 online price, NT$426 KPC price.

Related Works [2]

  • 邂逅 ~巡~ by 草陰忍: Another notable work by the author.

  • 巡る想い ~忘れな草~: The primary focus of this overview.

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