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Austria offers a plethora of attractions for families with children, from historic palaces and museums to thrilling amusement parks and natural wonders. Each location provides a unique experience, ensuring that both kids and adults have an unforgettable trip. Whether exploring ancient salt mines, dressing up as royalty, or enjoying the great outdoors, Austria caters to all interests.

Prater, Vienna

One of the world's oldest amusement parks, offering thrilling rides and attractions for all ages.


Visit between March and October for the full experience, though some attractions like the Ferris Wheel are open year-round. Expect queues due to its popularity.

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Schönbrunn Palace Children’s Museum, Vienna

A museum within Schönbrunn Palace where children can learn about imperial life through interactive exhibits.


Dress-up activities and themed events throughout the year make this a memorable visit for kids.

3D PicArt Museum, Vienna

A museum filled with 3D art where visitors can create fun and unique photo opportunities.


Use the postcard app to share your adventures with friends and family.

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Haus der Natur, Salzburg

A museum showcasing nature's wonders, from dinosaurs to underwater worlds, with interactive exhibits.


Consider the Salzburg Card for free admission to this and other city attractions.

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The Toy Museum, Salzburg

Austria's largest toy collection in a Baroque building, offering interactive play areas and workshops.


Check out the children’s cinema and library, and don't miss the puppet shows in the afternoon.

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Salzwelten, Hallstatt

The world's oldest salt mine, offering guided tours through mystical tunnels and a subterranean salt lake.


The Bronze Age Cinema and Hallstatt Skywalk are must-sees for a complete experience.

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The Fairy Tale Mile and Dragon Gorge, Trebesing

A magical adventure trail through the woods featuring fairy tale characters and a long suspension bridge.


Ideal for families, with plenty of activities and family-friendly hotels nearby.

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Swarovski Kristallwelten, Innsbruck

A crystal-themed attraction with art galleries, play areas, and a maze, popular among both kids and adults.


Don't miss the Crystal Dome for a unique experience of being inside a giant crystal.

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