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Discover six unique restaurants in Copenhagen that offer more than just a meal, providing spectacular views of the city from various vantage points. From the funky futurist architecture of Restaurant Silo to the luxurious Japanese-inspired Sukaiba on the 23rd floor of the Bella Sky Hotel, each restaurant presents a distinct dining experience. Whether you're looking for French-Nordic cuisine, Japanese delicacies, exclusive Kobe beef, classic Danish home cooking, a gourmet experience, or fresh fish with a view, Copenhagen's dining scene has it all.

Restaurant Silo

Offers a mix of French-Nordic cuisine with spectacular views from the 17th floor. Lunch and a four-course evening menu are available.


Try to visit when the weather's good to enjoy a drink in the rooftop bar.


A Danish family-owned business offering a combination of sushi and yakitori sticks. Located on the 12th floor of the Tivoli Hotel.


Enjoy cocktails and Japanese delicacies with a view of the capital.

MASH Penthouse

A steakhouse known for its exclusive Kobe beef and fabulous cuts of meat from around the world. Located on the 12th floor of the Tivoli Hotel.


Pair your steak with fine wines and excellent cocktails for the full experience.

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Meyers i Tårnet

Located in the tower of the Danish Parliament, offering smørrebrød and classic Danish home cooking with a view from 34 meters.


Explore the friezes and sculptures in the tower.

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Restaurant Trio

A gourmet experience on the 10th floor of Axel Towers, offering a nine-course menu between AOC and no. 2.


Visit the cocktail bar on the floor below for drinks and snacks.

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Japanese-inspired gourmet food on the 23rd floor with unrestricted views. Offers a la carte dishes or a 7-course experience.


Adhere to the casual smart/elegant dress code. Advance booking recommended.

Skagen Fiskerestaurant

Located on the top of Illum department store, serving fresh fish with views over Copenhagen’s rooftops.


A great spot to recharge after a day in the city.

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