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  • Hacker News is a popular platform for tech enthusiasts to share and discuss content.

  • Landing pages on Hacker News are often evaluated based on their narrative structure and visual appeal.

  • Top landing pages on Hacker News typically include personal blog posts, product announcements, and technical tutorials.

  • Personal blog posts have a higher chance of making it to the front page compared to corporate blog posts.

  • Show HN posts, where users showcase their projects, are less likely to make the front page but are still valuable for visibility.

Examples of Great Landing Pages [1]

  • Show HN: This up votes itself: A self-upvoting post with 3531 points.

  • Show HN: A retro video game console: A project with 2690 points.

  • Show HN: Redbean – Single-file distributable web server: A technical project with 1998 points.

  • Show HN:, a Reddit-like platform: A long-term project with 1943 points.

  • Show HN: I may have created a new type of puzzle: A unique puzzle project with 1859 points.

Characteristics of Top Landing Pages [2]

  • Narrative Structure: Landing pages should proceed serially from top to bottom.

  • Visual Appeal: The design and aesthetics of the page matter significantly.

  • First Impressions: What users see first is crucial for engagement.

  • Content Quality: High-quality, non-promotional content is more likely to succeed.

  • Personal Touch: Personal blog posts and stories tend to perform better.

Show HN Insights [3]

  • Show HN posts are where users showcase their projects.

  • These posts are less likely to make the front page (<2%).

  • Show HN posts are valuable for visibility and feedback.

  • Successful Show HN posts often involve unique or innovative projects.

  • Examples include new games, tools, and technical projects.

Tips for Getting to the Front Page [3]

  • Write Non-Promotional Content: Focus on personal pursuits and technical tutorials.

  • Use Personal Blogs: Personal blog posts have a higher chance of making the front page.

  • Engage with the Community: Organic posts by the community are more likely to succeed.

  • Focus on Quality: High-quality writing and interesting stories do the best.

  • Avoid Over-Promotion: Product announcements from new startups are less likely to succeed.

Common Types of Content on Hacker News [3]

  • Blog Posts: 45% of front-page content are blog posts.

  • News Articles: 36% of front-page content are news articles.

  • Personal Blogs: 25% of front-page blog posts are from personal blogs.

  • Corporate Blogs: Only 8% of corporate blog posts make the front page.

  • Show HN: Less than 2% of Show HN posts make the front page.