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  • Hailluna is active on multiple social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

  • On Instagram, Hailluna has 27K followers and has posted 30 times.

  • Hailluna's TikTok account has 8137 followers and 145.8K likes.

  • Hailluna is also involved in music, with tracks available on SoundCloud and collaborations on YouTube.

  • Hailluna's music includes collaborations with artists like Ramzoid and SAMAHTA.

Instagram Presence [1]

  • Followers: Hailluna has 27K followers on Instagram.

  • Posts: Hailluna has made 30 posts on the platform.

  • Content: The content includes photos and videos.

  • Engagement: Hailluna follows 582 accounts, indicating active engagement.

  • Profile: The Instagram handle is @hailluna.




TikTok Activity [2]

  • Followers: Hailluna has 8137 followers on TikTok.

  • Likes: The account has garnered 145.8K likes.

  • Content: Hailluna posts videos on TikTok.

  • Engagement: The account is active with regular video uploads.

  • Profile: The TikTok handle is @hail.luna.

Music Career [3]

  • SoundCloud: Hailluna's music is available on SoundCloud.

  • Tracks: Includes various tracks and albums.

  • Genres: The music spans multiple genres.

  • Engagement: Hailluna has a following on SoundCloud.

  • Profile: The SoundCloud handle is @hailluna.


  • Ramzoid: Hailluna collaborated with Ramzoid on the track 'For You'.

  • SAMAHTA: Hailluna featured in SAMAHTA's track 'Professional'.

  • YouTube: These collaborations are available on YouTube.

  • Genres: The collaborations span various music genres.

  • Engagement: These tracks have received significant views and engagement.

Other Platforms

  • Twitter: Hailluna is also active on Twitter under the handle @HailLunaFur.

  • Facebook: Hailluna has a presence on Facebook, primarily for music updates.

  • Linktree: Hailluna's Linktree includes links to Onlyfans and other platforms.

  • Font: There is a font named 'Hailluna' available on

  • Engagement: Hailluna engages with followers across these platforms.