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Travel Tips

Try traditional Izmir cuisine at a local restaurant. 1


Key Landmarks

  • 🕰️ İzmir Clock Tower: Built in 1901, this iconic landmark is a must-see for first-time visitors.
  • 🕌 Yalı Mosque: A small yet significant mosque located within the square.
  • 🏛️ Governorate of İzmir: The administrative center of İzmir Province.
  • 🏢 City Hall: The main administrative building of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality.
  • 🚌 Central Bus Station: A major transportation hub within the square.


Nearby Attractions

  • 🛍️ Kemeraltı Bazaar: A bustling market district offering a variety of goods from clothing to spices.
  • 🏛️ Agora Open Air Museum: Features ancient Roman ruins and is a short walk from the square.
  • 🏨 Kadifekale: An ancient castle offering panoramic views of İzmir.
  • 🏢 Konak Pier: A historic pier with shops and restaurants, designed by Gustave Eiffel.
  • 🏛️ İzmir Ethnography Museum: Located at the western end of the square, showcasing local culture and history.


Cultural Significance

  • 🎭 Ege University Cultural Centre: Includes an opera house, music academy, and a museum of modern art.
  • 🎉 Event Venue: Hosts events on special dates like New Year's Eve and the Liberation Day of İzmir.
  • 🎨 Art and Music: The square is a hub for cultural activities and performances.
  • 📚 Historical Importance: The square has been a central point in İzmir's history, reflecting its administrative and cultural evolution.



  • 🚇 Metro: Accessible via Konak station.
  • 🚋 Tram: Take tram T2 to the Konak İskele stop.
  • 🚌 Bus: Numerous bus routes serve the square, with a bus station at the northern end.
  • ♿ Wheelchair Accessible: The large square is easily navigable for wheelchairs and strollers.
  • 🚶 Walkable: Located in the center of İzmir, making it easy to reach on foot.


Best Time to Visit

  • 🌞 Summer Weekends: The square is bustling with both locals and tourists.
  • 🌙 Night Visits: The illuminated clock tower offers a beautiful night-time view.
  • 🎉 Special Events: Visit during New Year's Eve or the Liberation Day of İzmir for special celebrations.
  • 📅 Year-Round: The square's large size means that crowds are rarely an issue, making it a pleasant visit any time of the year.


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