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Travel Tips

Stay hydrated and get plenty of rest to acclimate to the high altitude. 1

Spend at least 4 nights in Lhasa to acclimatize. Consider shorter trips if your children are younger. Avoid peak tourist season in August. 2

Acclimatize to the high altitude by taking it easy for the first few days. Visit the Potala Palace early in the morning to avoid crowds. Dress modestly and be respectful when visiting religious sites. 3

Foreign tourists need a Tibet Entry Permit to visit Lhasa. The best time to visit is from May to October when the weather is more favorable. 4

Ensure you have a Tibet permit before traveling. Be prepared for high altitude sickness and bring necessary medications. Respect local customs, especially regarding photography. 5

Present your Tibet Travel Permit when boarding an airplane or train to Lhasa. Consult a doctor if you are over 65 years old before traveling. 6

Visit the monasteries and immerse yourself in the local traditions and customs. 7

Familiarize yourself with Lhasa's location on the map as it is the starting point for most journeys in Tibet. 8

Spend a few days in Lhasa to acclimate to the altitude. Visit the 'Great Three Gelugpa Monasteries' for a deeper understanding of Tibetan Buddhism. 9

Best time to visit is from April to October. Due to the significant change in altitude, have a good rest after arriving and drink lots of water to avoid altitude sickness. 10


Key Attractions

  • 🏯 Potala Palace: The former residence of the Dalai Lama, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • 🛕 Jokhang Temple: The spiritual heart of Tibetan Buddhism, located in the old Tibetan quarter.
  • 🛤️ Barkhor Street: A bustling market street and pilgrimage circuit around Jokhang Temple.
  • 🏫 Sera Monastery: One of the Great Three Gelug university monasteries of Tibet.
  • 🏫 Drepung Monastery: Another of the Great Three Gelug monasteries, known for its large monastic population.
  • 🏞️ Norbulingka Palace: The summer palace of the Dalai Lamas, featuring beautiful gardens.
  • 🗻 Ganden Monastery: Offers stunning views of Lhasa Valley and the Nyenchen Tanglha mountain ranges.
  • 🏞️ Lake Namtso: A sacred lake located a few hours' drive from Lhasa, known for its stunning beauty.


Best Time to Visit

  • 🌸 Spring (April to June): Mild temperatures, clear skies, ideal for trekking.
  • 🍂 Autumn (September to October): Cool weather, beautiful scenery, and fewer tourists.
  • 🌞 Summer (July to August): Warm temperatures, peak tourist season, higher prices.
  • ❄️ Winter (November to March): Fewer tourists, cheaper rates, and unique birding opportunities.


Travel Requirements

  • 🛂 Tour Guide: Visitors must be accompanied by a licensed tour guide to explore Lhasa.
  • 🗣️ Language Barrier: A local guide can help navigate the language barrier and provide cultural insights.
  • 🦠 Health Precautions: Masks are required in public areas, and temperature checks are common.
  • 🧳 Packing: Pack according to the season, with warm clothing for winter and rain gear for summer.
  • 🧗 Altitude Acclimatization: Spend a few days in Lhasa to acclimatize before heading to higher altitudes like Everest Base Camp.



  • 🏨 Luxury Hotels: Options include St. Regis Lhasa Resort and Lhasa Brahmaputra Grand Hotel.
  • 🏨 Mid-Range Hotels: Three-star hotels offer comfortable stays at reasonable prices.
  • 🏨 Budget Options: Backpacker hostels and Tibetan guesthouses provide affordable accommodations.
  • 📍 Location: Most hotels are located in the old city area, close to major attractions.
  • 🛏️ Amenities: High-end hotels offer luxury amenities, while budget options provide basic but comfortable facilities.


Dining Options

  • 🍜 Tibetan Cuisine: Traditional dishes include momos (dumplings), thukpa (noodle soup), and yak butter tea.
  • 🍕 Western Food: Available in hotels and large restaurants, including pasta, pizza, and burgers.
  • 🌶️ Sichuan Cuisine: Spicy dishes are popular and widely available.
  • 🍛 Indian and Nepalese: Curry dishes can be found in many restaurants.
  • 🥗 Vegan Options: Some restaurants cater to vegan diets.


Getting There

  • ✈️ By Plane: Flights are available from major Chinese cities and Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • 🚂 By Train: The Qinghai-Tibet Railway offers a scenic journey to Lhasa from cities like Beijing, Chengdu, and Shanghai.
  • 🚗 Overland: Several overland routes connect Lhasa with other regions, including the Sino-Nepal Friendship Highway.
  • 🛤️ Scenic Views: The train journey offers breathtaking views of the Qinghai-Tibet plateau.
  • 📅 Booking: Train and flight tickets can be in high demand, especially during peak season, so book in advance.


Additional Activities

  • 🚶 Pabonka to Pubjoi Monastery Trek: A challenging one-day trek exploring lesser-known Buddhist sites.
  • 🗻 Ganden Monastery Kora: A half-day trek offering stunning views of Lhasa Valley.
  • 🏞️ Samye Monastery: A two-day trip to the first Buddhist monastery in Tibet, featuring a giant mandala design.
  • 🌊 Lake Namtso: A two-day trip to a sacred lake with beautiful scenery and hot springs in Yangbajing.
  • 🧗 Altitude Preparation: Ensure full acclimatization before attempting high-altitude treks.


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