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  • Day 1: Arrive in Sarajevo, explore Baščaršija, Sebilj Fountain, and the Latin Bridge.

  • Day 2: Visit Jajce, including Pliva Waterfall, Jajce Fortress, and Pliva Lake.

  • Day 3: Explore Una National Park, including Štrbački Buk and Milančev Buk Waterfalls.

  • Day 4: Travel to Mostar, visit the Old Town, Stari Most, and Blagaj Tekija.

  • Day 5: Visit Počitelj and Kravica Waterfalls before returning to Sarajevo.

Sarajevo [1]

  • Baščaršija: The historic center with cobbled stone streets, traditional handicrafts, and Ottoman-style architecture.

  • Sebilj Fountain: An iconic Ottoman-style fountain located in Pigeon Square.

  • Latin Bridge: Famous for the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which triggered World War I.

  • Vijećnica: Sarajevo City Hall with unique architecture and a museum inside.

  • Mount Trebević: Accessible by gondola, offering sunset views and the abandoned 1984 Winter Olympics bobsleigh track.

Jajce [1]

  • Pliva Waterfall: Located in the city center, easily accessible and surrounded by beautiful scenery.

  • Jajce Fortress: A 15th-century royal castle offering excellent viewpoints of the mountains and city.

  • Pliva Lake: A picturesque lake with opportunities for swimming, boating, and picnicking.

  • Watermills: Old hydro-power mills providing a scenic backdrop for photos.

  • Jajce Catacombs: Historical underground chambers located behind the fortress.

Una National Park

  • Štrbački Buk Waterfall: A stunning waterfall with multiple viewpoints and hiking paths.

  • Milančev Buk Waterfall: Located in Martin Brod, surrounded by pools and smaller waterfalls.

  • White Water Rafting: Available near Štrbački Buk for an adventurous experience.

  • Ostrovica Castle: Medieval castle ruins offering views of Kulen Vakuf.

  • Japod Islands: Peaceful islands with walking trails, wooden bridges, and restaurants.

Mostar [1]

  • Old Town: Cobblestone streets with shops, cafes, and Turkish houses.

  • Stari Most: A reconstructed medieval arch bridge over the Neretva River.

  • Koski Mehmed Paša Mosque: Offers a bird’s eye view of the city from its minaret.

  • Blagaj Tekija: A Dervish Monastery built into a cliff over the Buna River.

  • Boat Ride: Available on the Neretva River for a unique perspective of the city.

Počitelj and Kravica Waterfalls

  • Počitelj: A historic fortified town with medieval and Ottoman architecture.

  • Kravica Waterfalls: A series of waterfalls with swimming opportunities and scenic views.

  • Swimming: Allowed in the natural pools below the waterfalls.

  • Restaurants: Available next to the pools for dining with a view.

  • Entry Fee: Approximately 20 Euros per person for access to the waterfalls.

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