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  • RSO (Raccolta Servizi Online) is a platform offering over 1000 free online services and applications.

  • The services are categorized into various sections such as graphics and photo editing, maps and satellite, multimedia and music, converters, storage, search engines, TV and radio online, office tools, disposable email, chat and messengers, URL shortening, bookmarklets, and webcam programs.

  • The platform is updated regularly, with the latest update noted on June 19, 2024.

  • RSO provides a wide range of tools including cloud storage, text-to-speech converters, online painting tools, and remote desktop access solutions.

  • The website emphasizes privacy and offers alternative search engines that do not track user data.

Categories [1]

  • Graphics and Photo Editing: Tools for creating and editing images.

  • Maps and Satellite: Services providing map and satellite imagery.

  • Multimedia and Music: Applications for music creation, editing, and streaming.

  • Converters: Tools for converting file formats, such as PDF to Word.

  • Storage: Cloud storage solutions offering free space.

  • Search Engines: Privacy-focused search engines that do not track user data.

  • TV and Radio Online: Platforms for streaming TV and radio.

  • Office Tools: Online tools for document editing and management.

  • Disposable Email: Services providing temporary email addresses.

  • Chat and Messengers: Online chat and messaging applications.

  • URL Shortening: Tools for shortening long URLs.

  • Bookmarklets: Small applications that add functionality to web browsers.

  • Webcam Programs: Software for managing webcam feeds.



Privacy-Focused Search Engines [2]

  • DuckDuckGo: Does not store personal information or search history.

  • Startpage: Provides Google search results without tracking user data.

  • Qwant: A search engine that respects user privacy and does not track searches.

  • Swisscows: Focuses on privacy and family-friendly content.

  • Mojeek: An independent search engine with a strict no-tracking policy.

  • Searx: A metasearch engine that aggregates results from various sources while respecting privacy.

  • Brave Search: A privacy-focused search engine developed by the makers of the Brave browser.

  • Ecosia: Uses search ad revenue to plant trees and supports environmental causes.







Highlighted Services [1]

  • An online drum sequencer for creating and saving rhythms.

  • Offers tools like a metronome, guitar tuner, and audio recorder.

  • Provides access to millions of user manuals.

  • Allows users to create mashups from YouTube and Spotify tracks.

  • An online painting tool with natural brushes and layers.

  • Downloads videos from various platforms and converts them to MP3.

  • Converts text to speech using AI-generated voices.

  • RustDesk: An open-source remote desktop access tool.


User Interaction [3]

  • Contact: Users can provide suggestions, feedback, or report issues via the contact page.

  • Community: The platform encourages user interaction and community feedback.

  • Social Media: RSO has a presence on social media platforms like Facebook.

  • Ratings: Users can rate the services and applications on the platform.

  • Updates: Regular updates are made based on user feedback and suggestions.



Updates and Maintenance [1]

  • Regular Updates: The platform is updated regularly with new services and applications.

  • Latest Update: The most recent update was on June 19, 2024.

  • Maintenance: The site undergoes regular maintenance to ensure all services are functional.

  • User Feedback: Updates are often based on user feedback and suggestions.

  • New Additions: New services and applications are added frequently to keep the platform current.