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This guide showcases the top 25 restaurants in San Francisco, highlighting a diverse range of dining experiences from the inventive small plates of State Bird Provisions to the upscale Korean cuisine of San Ho Won, and the serene Japanese izakaya Rintaro. Each restaurant offers a unique taste of the city's rich culinary landscape, whether it's through meticulously crafted bánh mì at Saigon Sandwich, the rare Japanese-inspired courses at Noodle In A Haystack, or the bold Thai flavors of Nari. These spots are perfect for various occasions, from casual lunches to special celebrations, providing unforgettable dining experiences.

State Bird Provisions

Known for its inventive small plates and dim sum-style service, State Bird Provisions offers a unique dining experience with dishes like crispy balls of corn mochi and pork belly salad.


Reservations are highly recommended due to its popularity.

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San Ho Won

An upscale Korean restaurant famous for its galbi, crispy scallion pancakes, and egg soufflé, perfect for special occasions.


Considered for birthdays, special group dinners, and date nights.


A serene Mission izakaya offering the best Japanese small plates in the city, with a beautiful courtyard and private booths.


Ideal for an escape with dishes like tare-glazed tsukune and creamy soft tofu.

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Saigon Sandwich

Offers the best bánh mì in the city with perfectly marinated meats and a heavy swath of mayo, all at an unbeatable price.


A must-visit for quick lunches or to impress first-time SF visitors.

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Noodle In A Haystack

A unique pop-up-turned-restaurant known for its Japanese-inspired courses and custom noodles, making it a rare find in the city.


Reservations are nearly impossible to get but worth the effort.

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A fancy Thai restaurant offering bold flavors and a $125 tasting menu option in a plant-filled space.


Perfect for small group gatherings to explore intense flavors.

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Remixes western Indian food with inventive ingredients, offering a vegetarian mix of fire-roasted eggplant and housemade paneer.


Great for exploring the regions of Gujarat through food.

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San Francisco’s island party spot serving knockout Chamorro dishes in an outdoor-only setting.


Enjoy the BBQ pork ribs and egg noodles with coconut braised beef for a unique taste.

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