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  • Sumire Kuramoto is a Japanese gravure idol known for her photobooks and image collections.

  • She was born on September 13, 2001, and is currently 22 years old.

  • Her photobooks and image collections are available on various platforms including eBay, Amazon, and specialized photo galleries.

  • Some notable photobooks include 'SUMIRE Memories of Blooming Youth' and 'SUMIRE Sumire Kuramoto'.

  • Her images are often categorized under tags like 'sexy girl' and 'gravure idol'.

  • Measurements: B85 / W57 / H85, Cup Size: C Cup.

Photobooks [1]

  • SUMIRE Memories of Blooming Youth: A popular photobook featuring 48 photos of Sumire Kuramoto.

  • SUMIRE Sumire Kuramoto: Another well-known photobook available for purchase.

  • ABSOLUTE SPORTS: A collection focusing on sports poses by Sumire Kuramoto.

  • L Edition Raw Photograph: A set of three live photos available on Amazon.

  • Jav Sumire Hd Pics: High-definition images categorized under R18.







Photo Galleries [2]

  • Pinterest: A gallery featuring 32 pictures of Sumire Kuramoto.

  • XSList: Another gallery with 32 pictures, including her measurements and cup size.

  • Babepedia: A smaller collection with 4 pictures and a brief biography.

  • Javpornpics: A gallery with various explicit images categorized under R18.

Online Availability [3]

  • eBay: Various photobooks and image collections available for international shipping.

  • Amazon: Live photos and other collections available for purchase.

  • V2PH: Specialized photo albums and collections.

  • High-definition images categorized under R18.

Personal Information [2]

  • Full Name: Sumire Kuramoto (倉本すみれ).

  • Date of Birth: September 13, 2001.

  • Age: 22 years old.

  • Measurements: B85 / W57 / H85.

  • Cup Size: C Cup.

Tags and Categories [1]

  • Sexy girl: A common tag used in her photo collections.

  • Gravure idol: A category under which her images are often classified.

  • R18: Explicit content category.

  • Sports poses: A specific theme in some of her photo collections.