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This guide offers a comprehensive list of unique and memorable date ideas in Dublin, ranging from outdoor adventures like cliffside cruises and kayaking tours to creative workshops and culinary experiences. Whether you're looking for a romantic sunset view, a spooky ghost bus tour, or a hands-on cocktail masterclass, Dublin has something to offer for every couple.


A buzzy village in south Dublin known for its coastal views and swanky houses.


Drive or take the DART and start with a coffee in the village.

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Howth Cliff Walk

A scenic trail offering breathtaking views of the Irish Sea and the surrounding area.


Choose the shorter trail for an easier walk or take the DART for a more challenging route.

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Silver Works

A workshop where participants can create a personalized sterling silver ring.


At €80 a head, it's a unique but pricier date option. Not recommended for a first date.

Dublin Bay Cruises

Offers unique views of Dublin Bay, departing from Howth, Dublin City, and Dun Laoghaire.


The trip from Dun Laoghaire to Howth is popular for its scenic views. Finish with ice cream in Howth Village.

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Phoenix Park

One of the largest enclosed public parks in any capital city in Europe, offering extensive walking and biking trails.


Rent bikes at the entrance for a different experience. Check out the Hole in the Wall pub and DASH-Container Cafe for food options.

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Escape Boats

An escape room experience on a boat, offering unique puzzles and challenges.


Choose between two games: SOS and CONVICTS. Great for a pre-dinner activity.

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Dublin Ghost Bus Tour

A spooky tour through Dublin's haunted sites, filled with terrifying histories and mysteries.


Better suited for a 4th or 5th date due to its spooky nature.

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Killiney Hill

Offers spectacular views of Dublin, the Irish Sea, and the Wicklow Mountains.


Perfect for a romantic sunset view. Follow up with dinner in Dalkey.

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